Services Customized per job and client’s needs.

  • Consultation / Evaluation
  • Art Selection
  • Computer Pre-Placement (interior design)
  • Commissions
  • Print Reproductions
  • Framing
  • Murals
  • Coordination and Installation
  • Art Delivery
  • Art Rental
  • Art Catalog and Documentation

Artist Career Consultations:

  • Portfolio Review and Edits
  • Marketing Plans
  • Marketing Materials (Conception and Design)
  • Website design and development


Who we work with…

Interior Designers & Realtors / Residential
Homes, Mansions, Apartments, Lofts
Michelle and her team work closely with several real estate agents, interior designers, and home owners assisting with the final touches of their decorating and staging needs- indoor and outdoor. We work mindfully with our clients to understand and produce their desired aesthetic, overall vision, and ultimately the perfect ambience while working within their budgetary needs.
Offices, Lobbies, Studios
The branding and identity experience starts in a company’s workplace. Not only is an office a space of productivity, it is also the company’s headquarters and along with the decor, a dynamic art collection has the power to communicate a lasting impression with your clients and radiate a visual energy that inspires employees.  Proper choice and style of art can transform an office space into a thriving work environment where productivity, ideas, and inspiration flow, as well as prospering business relationships.
Hotels and Resorts, Restaurants, Bars
When creating an attractive art program for a hotel or restaurant, the ultimate goal is to enhance the leisure environment with an art selection that engages guests and leaves a lasting impression. Understanding the target clientele as well as complementing the architecture and interior design play a major role in the curatorial process.
Healthcare Centers and Hospitals
Waiting Rooms, Patient Rooms, Recovery Areas, Hallways, Offices
Research has proven that the proper selection of art enhances a healing environment and creates comfort for recovering patients and visiting family members. Studies have shown that pictures particularly of nature serve as a positive distraction that reduces stress and diverts patients from focusing on their pain or distress.  When designing patient and public areas, art pieces may become the focal point and careful consideration of the choice of images, content, and color should be taken during time of selection.
Business Mixers, Fundraisers, Special Events
Featuring art in your event adds a unique and lively element that creates dialogue among your guests. Exhibiting a short-track perspective on the current artistic community has the power to enhance the environment and create a memorable evening that will be talked about long after the night is over. This presents an extraordinary experiential branding opportunity for your company with a lasting impression while, at the same time, helps establish emerging artists and creates positive publicity.  Mobile or temporary art galleries, live painters, and interactive art installations are ways to bring a visual festivity to your event.
Public Art
Parks, Corporate Buildings, Shopping Malls, Festivals
We believe art  enriches our lives and can be a catalyst for community-building and positive social change.
Advertising and Media Campaigns
(info coming soon)
Please visit the art section of this website for samples of the artists we work with. Please note, these images are just a cross-section of the styles of art  that we have access to. If you are looking for something specific, please feel free to email us with information and we are very sure we can present a great selection for you to choose from.