Welcome to Art Angeles’s Website Launch!

Hello and Welcome to our new website!

I am very excited to offer some old and some new art services for all to utilize. My mission is to bring original and quality art to the masses as well as assist artists in elevating their creative career. I have amazing talent at my fingertips and like a magical wand, I have the ability to transform any space into a thriving energy filled with color, texture, and passionate imagery from abstract paintings, illustration, photography, sculpture, to interactive installation. Feel free to shoot over an email with your decorating needs!

From time to time, I will blog about the exciting projects that I am working on as well as feature interviews with some of my favorite artists. If you would like to join my email list, just shoot over an email with “Add Me To The List” in the subject line!

I want to thank those who assisted me on the development of this website…you all know who you are (lots of love!).

Warmest Regards,

Michelle Lynn Berc
Curator/Art Stylist

PS. I will be adding to the website information on some of the special people that are part of my team over the next few weeks! Stay tuned…